• The Buddy Brew is going out to distributors August 22nd and will be available in delicious polka dot bottles in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Washington and Minnesota, not to mention Illinois. But these sweet t-shirts are available right now, to everybody, everywhere. The stylish black t is shown here, but we've also got 'em in red and in white. Get yours today here.

  • It's almost here! We're super excited - the first run of Buddy Brew is now in bottles. Look for them at Legends starting next Friday, and in stores shortly thereafter. It's a tasty collaboration with the Chicago Beer Company.

  • Musical inspiration is all around us - especially here in Chicago! In this month's cover story, Billboard talks to Irish singer/songwriter Sinead O'Connor, who credits Buddy and other Chicago Blues men like Magic Sam and Howlin Wolf, for giving her the inspiration needed to complete her new album. Thanks for the shout out Sinead and congratulations on your new album. Click here to read more.

    BG fans - What are some of the classic Chicago Blues records you find most inspiring?
  • 78, and still feelin' great. We're commemorating Buddy's birthday (July 30) with this new poster and new set of signed guitars, featuring a sharp white finish. Check 'em out! Each package also comes with a signed copy of Rhythm & Blues, two Legends stickers and a Buddy Guy bumper sticker. Available here!

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