• After this incredible kickoff event, we'll be showing the first hour of "A Special Evening With Buddy Guy" which you can catch in its entirety on WYCC PBS Chicago that night. This series will be airing regionally around Chicago, then next year is moving to more PBS broadcast areas across the country- keep your eyes open, we'll be posting more about this soon.

  • Happy Throwback Thursday! We think we've got a pretty good idea of what Junior was saying to Buddy in this photo. Give it your best shot and caption this!

  • The Buddy Brew is going out to distributors August 22nd and will be available in delicious polka dot bottles in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Washington and Minnesota, not to mention Illinois. But these sweet t-shirts are available right now, to everybody, everywhere. The stylish black t is shown here, but we've also got 'em in red and in white. Get yours today here.

  • 24 years ago the world lost a brilliant guitar player - the one and only Stevie Ray Vaughan. To honor his memory, we've posted this audio clip from July 30, 1989 when he came to Legends for Buddy's birthday and the two of them jammed together on stage.

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