• 78, and still feelin' great. We're commemorating Buddy's birthday (July 30) with this new poster and new set of signed guitars, featuring a sharp white finish. Check 'em out! Each package also comes with a signed copy of Rhythm & Blues, two Legends stickers and a Buddy Guy bumper sticker. Available here!

  • Ready to play three degrees of Buddy Guy?

    Buddy Guy jams with Carlos Santana who was in a band with Coke Escovedo, who is the uncle of legendary drummer Sheila E. (famed for playing with Prince) and, closing the loop, Sheila E is playing at Buddy Guy's club on August 5th. Check it out here!

  • Buddy's birthday bash is coming up on July 30 at Buddy Guy's Legends! Come party with Buddy and his family as he turns 78. We'll have great music all night long, featuring The NuBlu Band with Carlise Guy. Ronnie Hicks kicks things off at 8pm, and there's an acoustic set with Eddie Taylor Jr before that. Get your tickets here.

  • The only place you can get the Buddy Brew is at Buddy Guy's...for now. But in the meantime the Buddy Brew pint glass is available to everyone here! Get yours today, and when the Buddy Brew hits store shelves in your neighborhood, you'll be ready to pour the perfect pint!

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