2015 Special Merit Awards Ceremony Highlights

“My mother used to tell me, if you don’t have any money, Buddy, hang around with people who got money.” So I think I’m in the right place tonight!” – Buddy Guy

Watch highlights from the 2015 Special Merit Awards Ceremony here.

The Chicago Blues Experience

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! A brand new, state-of-the-art, world class Blues museum is coming to the City of Chicago! Buddy will serve as Chairman of The Artist Board. ‪More info here.

Jeff Beck Pays Tribute to Buddy

Our friend Jeff Beck pays tribute to Buddy in advance of the Lifetime Achievement Award Buddy will receive this year at The GRAMMYs.

“I remember seeing him play in the early ’60s and saying to myself, “I didn’t know a Strat could sound like that,” until I heard Buddy’s tracks on the Blues From Big Bill’s Copacabana album — it was the total manic abandon in Buddy’s solos. They broke all boundaries.” Click here for more.

Buddy Guy through Gigity.TV

Good news for anybody watching Buddy Guy through Gigity.TV this month! There’s now a mobile app for iOS and Android, making it easy to tune in. And if you’re coming to the shows, you can actually share photos or short videos from your perspective with “CrowdCasting.” It’s a good way to make your friends jealous when Buddy Guy is running through the crowd and stops right in front of you to play.