Buddy Brew

The only place you can get the Buddy Brew is at Buddy Guy’s…for now. But in the meantime the Buddy Brew pint glass is available to everyone here! Get yours today, and when the Buddy Brew hits store shelves in your neighborhood, you’ll be ready to pour the perfect pint!

It’s the Sunburst Guitar Pack

It’s the Sunburst Guitar Pack! Right now every autographed Sunburst finish guitar (Fender Squier Affinity Series Strat) comes with a signed “Still Havin’ Fun” poster, a signed copy of Rhythm & Blues, and the BG Sticker Pack (two Legends stickers and a Buddy Guy bumper sticker). We’ve only got six of them though, so if you want one act fast. Free domestic shipping.

Bumper Sticker, Legends Sticker & Sticker Pack

“I didn’t learn to play the blues by the book…I learned to play by the look!” – Buddy Guy

Buddy has a lot of fans that also play the blues. If you learned to play by the look, you might want to check out this new bumper sticker- or get the Sticker Pack, which comes with two 4″x6″ Buddy Guy’s Legends stickers in your choice of matte or glossy.

Buddy Received an Honorary Doctorate Degree

Sometimes in life things really do come full circle. Last night, Buddy received an honorary doctorate degree – along with a purple and gold tiger striped Fender strat – from Louisiana State University! In the mid 1950’s, Buddy worked in LSU’s Facility Services Department before leaving for Chicago to pursue his music career. Thank you LSU! What an incredible honor!