Tickets Now on Sale for Buddy’s Annual Residency at Legends in January

Check out the full list below of Buddy’s dates at his club Legends in Chicago and grab your tickets here.

January 2017 Schedule – Buddy Guy’s Legends 

Thurs Jan 5 – BUDDY GUY w/ Lazer Lloyd 

Fri Jan 6 – BUDDY GUY w/ Mike Wheeler

Sat Jan 7 – BUDDY GUY w/ Guy King

Sun Jan 8 – BUDDY GUY w/ Jamiah Rogers

Thurs Jan 12 – BUDDY GUY w/ Corey Dennison

Fri Jan 13 – BUDDY GUY w/ Carlos Johnson

Sat Jan 14 – BUDDY GUY w/ Wayne Baker Brooks

Sun Jan 15 – BUDDY GUY w/ Melody Angel

Thurs Jan 19 – BUDDY GUY w/ Alex Wilson

Fri Jan 20 – BUDDY GUY w/ Lil Ed and The Blues Imperials

Sat Jan 21 – BUDDY GUY w/ Quinn Sullivan

Sun Jan 22 – BUDDY GUY w/ Breezy Rodio

Thurs Jan 26 – BUDDY GUY w/ Linsey Alexander

Fri Jan 27 – BUDDY GUY w/ Toronzo Cannon

Sat Jan 28 – BUDDY GUY w/ NuBlu Band

Sun Jan 29 – BUDDY GUY w/ Sheryl Youngblood

Buddy Made the List for 30 Most Badass Guitarists. Who’s Surprised?

Guitar players are the coolest creatures on this planet. Don’t believe us? Consider Buddy Holly. Take away his guitar and he might as well be Melvin Poindexter, full-time accountant and part-time carnival geek. Give him a Stratocaster and suddenly he’s dumping Peggy Sue Gerron and shacking up with Maria Elena Santiago, una caliente Latina!

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